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True Amateurs: Review | Natural Porn Thrillers
true amateurs review

True Amateurs: Review

Real-Life Amateurs Submit Home-Made Porn Videos and Make Money Doing it!

True Amateurs is a place for real-life couples to make extra money by submitting their videos for a chance to be featured on the site. Only the best and authentic videos will be featured as True Amateurs’ mission is to provide members with only the best non-scripted porn.

True Amateurs: Review

True Amateurs is a premium member reality porn site with real-life couples engaging in exotic sexual acts to impress the producers at True Amateurs to showcase their film and getting paid for doing it. There are no directors, scripts, or professional producers behind these raw and uncut featured films. There’s no stage props or annoying background disturbances limiting the quality of the reality film.

true amateur porn

There are currently only 27 videos on True Amateurs with an average run time of 25 minutes. The movies are available in HD streaming or downloads with available formats in MP4 1920×1080 / 12010K / Full HD and MP4 / 1280×720 / 8100K. There are no photo sets or pictures available to view or download. In addition to this disappointing news, there’s no information about the models, the site is very slow with updates, the library shelves are almost empty, and worst yet, there are no bonus sites.

true amateurs porn site review best porn

The homepage is laid out with widgets displaying the movie with descriptions, member viewing/likes/rating stats, member comments, and a niche category including doggy-style, cowgirl, missionary, sex, indoors, pussy fingering, deepthroat, blowjob, cumshot clean-up, masturbation, and Gonzo. You can also get links to related videos by scrolling down the page and there are 20 girls to choose from.

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At the bottom of the homepage are the most popular tags with some in POV making this somewhat interesting due to fact, there’s no a whole lot going on this site. The interface is really basic too with drop-down boxes for easy filtering, which by the way can be done on less than 2 pages of content. It lacks an advanced search engine and has really limited descriptions about the movies. About the only thing this site has going for it is the full HD streaming/download capabilities and the raw uncut porn videos.

The movies have a full range resolution of 1080p down to 320p SD for streaming and 1080p to 480p for download options. There’s no doubt about the quality of the videos and download/streaming speeds are fast, especially for amateur videos. The concept of the site is interesting but nothing for Natural Porn Thrillers to get excited about and we recommend you save your money on this site.

true amateurs porn site review


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Cost of Joining True Amateurs

True Amateurs accepts Mastercard, Visa, and the Discover Card as forms of membership payment. They have three membership plans available that are backed by Probiller as a secure payment processor.

  • $ 4.99 3-day trial / limited access / $29.99 recurring monthly / must cancel
  • $19.99 30-day membership / full access / recurring / must cancel
  • $ 9.99 6 month membership / billed in one payment of $59.99 / full access / must cancel

Included With Your Membership:

  • 27 Videos
  • 20 Models
  • 100% Exclusive Footage
  • 24/7 Member Support

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Conclusion: True Amateurs

True Amateurs is a great place for amateur girls and we have to give them perks for not passing this off with established female porn-stars as actors in these films. They stay true to the nature of their brand by using only real-life videos of couples engaged in hardcore sex. The POV option was impressive with images not typically found in home-made porn and the niche categories were dead-on with the relative content found on the site.

premium porn true amateurs

It’s not every day you get to see real 18+ teens getting naked and exposed in the nature that True Amateurs captures on these home-made flicks. You can see dudes with handy cameras finding a girl on the streets and seducing them into a reality porn video, however, there is not a lot to choose from, leaving you with no value for your money. If the site can ever get off the ground, we might revisit this site for a possible launching but for now, keep your missiles on standby.



True Amateurs

Quantity Just 27? Come on True Amateurs! 1/20
Quality: Exceptionally high quantity unlike tube site amateur porn. 19/20
Value: 27 videos for $20? Not great but worth a free trial and then cancel? 6/20
Bonuses: No bonuses?? 2/20
Content: Really strong content but let down by the lack of quantity and bonuses 5/20

Overall: 33%

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