sensual pain porn site review

Sensual Pain: Review

Extreme Graphics And Bondage Content Containing Sexually Explicit Videos Involving BDSM.

Sensual Pain is a website for extreme BDSM. Designed around the real life of an Alpha-Slave and Master James. He has an extreme appetite for entertaining others with BDSM and welcomes anyone with a slave like mind, to allow him to use his handcrafted devices to sadistically entertain them.

sensual pain bdsm porn review

Sensual Pain: Review

Sensual Pain has a wide variety of hardcore BDSM videos involving extreme pain and sexual devices like steel shackles, heavy chains, sensory deprivation gear, leather hood and body restraints, and primitive tools to extract information from the captives. They use wooden contraptions to balance sensuality and pain that you can watch live. Master James loves to educate his members on what really goes on behind the scenes. He loves to explain his methods so you can have a better understanding of your own personal pleasures.

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The site seems easy enough to navigate with hundreds of links to other extreme BDSM sites. There are scheduled streaming live HD bondage shows available. You can select a time that works well with your schedule and view the show live. The site is limited to functions and category tabs with sub-categories. They display the videos in advertisement blocks instead. The blocks are links to other paid membership sites and each block explains what the video is about and the length of the clip. You’ve got the option to join the site or buy the video.

An added benefit to the full-length BDSM production videos is Abigail Dupree’s solo work and her ability to teach you some painful lessons. She can take your most sadistic fantasies and give you a private Skype show that you’ll never forget and leave you wanting more. She will not leave anything out and she loves to run with your twisted perversions. There’s no doubt if you’re twisted and perverted, this Skype experience with Abigail will feed your deviance.

Some of the explicit videos contain clips with being hard-tied and tortured while getting fucked by wooden, plastic, and steel objects. You can see a new female BDSM slave Lexi Foxy who is being suspended in a crucifix while being hog-tied. She is very hot with an athletic body that is light and perfect for being suspended by a cunt rope attached to her vagina. She swings back and forth as the Master plays with her pussy with a massive vibrator. He slaps her ass with every pass of the swing and listens to her moan in pain.

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Sensual Pain has 21 pages on their home page with 20 videos on each page. As a paid member you’ll have access to these exclusive BDSM videos that are filmed in high definition. You’ll also have access to numerous live shows that feature the most extreme and bizarre sensual pain devices, slaves, and Masters. The videos are also rated by users with a red-heart in the bottom right-hand corner with numbers displaying the number of ratings. If you want a unique BDSM experience, then this a site you need to join.

Sensual Pain is a premium porn service which is part of the Kinkster network that includes:

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Cost of Sensual Pain

Sensual Pain is 100% secure, safe, and totally anonymous with 3 payment options.

  • $35.00 a month which is recurring
  • $75.00 for 3 months – $25 a month recurring
  • $120.00 for 6 months – $20 non-recurring a month

Bonus Sites Included:

Conclusion: Sensual Pain

This is an extreme BDSM website that offers everything for bondage and sensual pain. They’ve got the latest videos containing exclusive content with 128-bit encrypted secure transactions. With your paid membership you’ll get weekly pics, articles, and video clips. Sensual Pain has an extensive collection of archived articles and videos at your disposal. There are also interactive member forums where you can talk to other members about twisted fantasies and perverse pain.

sensual pain bdsm porn review

The hottest BDSM models on the internet are on these video clips along with the benefit of viewing a live webcam show that is totally private. Master James and his BDSM slave Abigail will entertain you on a private level that you can’t get anywhere else on the internet. If you’re into extreme bondage and pain, this site has everything you need to quench your thirst. The cost of membership is a great value for the content and easy access to live and private shows for BDSM. Don’t wait any longer, join today and have instant access to what you want now.



Sensual Pain

Quantity Over 400 movies 12/20
Quality: Lots of HD content, high quality  16/20
Value: $35 per month, about than $1 per day 18/20
Bonuses: Access to 9 other sites 12/20
Content: Exclusive and high quality porn 18/20

Overall: 76%

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