game of lust 2 review

Game of Lust 2.0 – 3D Adult Game: Review

The Best Interactive 3D Adult Sex Simulation Role Playing Game That Will Make You Cum Over And Over Again

Game of Lust 2 is a sex role-playing game with interactive features that enable the users to control 3D beasts who use their mysterious powers to pleasure sexy sorceresses. It’s a place where you can unlock your inner-beast and make these sluts suffer from magical instruments.

Game of Lust 2.0 3D Game: Review

Game of Lust 2 takes you into an unorthodox medieval fantasy world full of demons, princesses, elves, beasts, fair maidens, and sexy sorceresses. A place where deviance festers into a full manifestation of your own creation where you wield the alpha-cock that tortures these sluts. You can improve your overall beast-strength with fuck stats, the harder you fuck these whores, the stronger your beast becomes.

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You start the game by selecting an adventure that ventures into a mysterious forest, rustic castle or the king’s lair along with many others. The locations are elegantly designed with amazing graphics that appear life-like with pristine sound quality backing the overall sexual experience that you would expect in a top-rated role-playing game. Other sites like BoneCraft, XStory Player, and Sex Warrior 3D are comparable to Game of Lust 2 with the latter having the edge.

  • Graphics: The designers at Game of Lust 2 have really raised the bar with precision details throughout the entire site. The sexy maidens, elves, and sorceresses are beautifully designed with a genuine look that’s authentic. Some beasts while getting their war-hammers polished can get lured into deception by their beautiful eyes that are incredibly realistic with these amazing graphics. To be the alpha-beast do not fall victim to these traps, fuck the bitch harder for such deception.
  • Animation: If you’re a seasoned demon beast and running the ranks to becoming the alpha-beast you intend to be? Then a sexy maiden who doesn’t look real is not going to stiffen your battleaxe. Seeing your battleaxe fully disappear into her mouth is a vital component of quality animation and overall sexual experience. The animation is arousing and the girls will fight back against every thrust of your quarterstaff. The developers and designers have done an outstanding job with the animations while enhancing the medieval adventure.

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The game and special options are controlled with ease by the clicking your mouse on the controls in plain view in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. There are no limits on huge you can make your demon cock and no limits on how large a sexy elf’s breast can be. The 4 cameras provide numerous angles and zooming capabilities that intensifies the sexual experience and visually shows what a splayed pussy really looks like with amazing accuracy.

The games are downloadable and supported for 3D porn games for Mac and PC users, however, this is not a free site. To be an alpha-beast in this unique medieval world you must pay the gigliato before you can start your adventure.


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Cost of Playing Game of Lust 2.0 3D Game

Game of Lust 2 accepts all forms of giglito’s using payment processors like DIRECTebanking, Ukash, ClickandBuy, and Paypal as well as a few others. All transactions are SSL secure & safe with 100% privacy and have a 100% money back guarantee. Your paid giglito’s will get your alpha-beast daily updates, fast downloads, and HD video’s that are mobile ready, putting you in control at all times.

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If you want to check out some free porn games before you set up your alpha-beast, you can find some at by simply filling out an email registration card. If you’re ready to build your alpha-beast now and start fucking these bitches harder, your options are outlined below.

  • $19.95 1 month of membership / recurring monthly if you don’t cancel
  • $59.96 6 months of membership / billed one time
  • $91.97 12 months of membership / billed one time

This is the only sex role-playing game that enables the user to select eye color, skin color, hair color, and a wide variety of piercings.

Conclusion: Game of Lust 3D Game

Game of Lust 2 delivers quality characters that use the latest 3D engine software to enhance the user’s sexual deviance and provides the best realistic animations to get really perverted. You get the added benefit of orchestrating the entire episode and being the alpha-beast with a super-sized demon cock. Fuck these amazing princesses hard with extreme brutal force, watch them squeal, and beg for mercy, however, the alpha-beast has no conscience.

Added benefits for setting-up your beast-mode is the high-quality 3D animation with crystal clear images, the existing territories and worlds where medieval times come to life, and the ability to create your own sex scenes with multiple scenarios that takes the game to new levels. To see a hot fairy gag on a monster cock that you created and to fuck these sluts in the ass, the alpha-beast must make a decision to launch this site now.

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Game of Lust

Gameplay & Features: Simple to use and intuitive controls 19/20
Graphics & Sound: Absolutely stunning graphics, great sound 19/20
Price & Value: From $19.95 a month, cheaper than pizza! 19/20
Updates & Exclusivity: 100% exclusive and updated regularly 20/20
Bonus Scores: One of the best 3D adult games around and one with so much gameplay. 20/20

Overall: 97%

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