fap titans review

Fap Titans: Review

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Fap Titans is a free click & play video game brought to you by Nutaku’s official website. Fight magical beast and unlock weapons along with collectibles needed to undress the sexy animated girls. The more clothes you remove the stronger an ally they become on your quest.

Fap Titans: Review

Fap Titans is a free clicker fantasy game by Nutaku and the objective of the game is to produce a small army of battle-ready females and make them as strong as possible. With most other video games the objective to build up armor and equipment needed for fighting formidable foes. FapTitans takes the opposite approach with the girls getting stronger with the more clothes they lose as they level up.

You start the game by defeating ten different monsters, spiders, and mystical creatures. Once you defeat all the monsters you’ll win the cowgirl Akira Hitsujikai and are rewarded with a new XXX pic to add to your collection. You’ll need to purchase more diamonds to continue your quest which is based on a ridiculous preface but the games primary objective is to build an army of female warriors to fight the barrage of heinous monsters trying to attack the kingdom.

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You must click and fight your way through hundreds of monsters, warriors, heroes, and levels in order to defeat the main enemy. They keep the game interesting with different realms to visit for players in Fap Land. Like other quality games on Nutaku, FapTitans features unlockable achievements, animated sex scenes, and statistics to keep you occupied for hours. You can go on this RPG adventure world flooded with monsters and sexy females warriors to save the kingdom and become the hero.

When you’re not busy slaying Orcs, you can relax and enjoy NSFW animated sex scenes. Gamers can join a guild to compete against rivals and release total carnage throughout the kingdom. The game also allows you to keep fighting and earning money while you’re away from your PC or mobile device by summoning warriors without no clicking guidance. You get the added benefit of a raunchy action RPG adventure with a classic clicker filled with adult content that Nutaku is famous for. If you like these action RPG games, then you’ll like protecting Fap Land’s Kingdom.

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Cost of Playing Fap Titans

Fap Titans is free to click & play video game, however, to access the goods needed to continue your in-app quest, you’ll need to buy some diamonds. They accept all major credit cards and Paypal with EPOCH as a certified payment processor with 256-bit encrypted safe and secure transactions.

Diamond Purchases:

  • $ 5.00 40 Diamonds / 30+10 Free / + 275 VIP Points
  • $10.00 100 Diamonds / 75+25 Free / + 575 VIP Points
  • $20.00 220 Diamonds / 180+40 Free / +1200 VIP Points
  • $40.00 1000 Diamonds / 500 Free / +2500 VIP Points
  • $49.00 1250 Diamonds / 250 Free / +6435 VIP Points

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Conclusion: Fap Titans

Fap Titans is an interesting clicking game, however, it requires an absurd amount of money to play. The browser version outside of Nutaku’s website has images to unlock but the game has no adult sex and it leaves us to wonder why such a watered down version would be allowed on the site? There has been a steady downhill slide since sub-par western developers were allowed to publish and most gamers prefer the Nutaku official version better?

The goals of the game are the same as other clicker games that keep improving your stats and advancing through the levels by defeating enemies but the game lacks the motivation to keep you there. There are other resources that are much easier to progress from other clicker games on the internet and this one isn’t anything to click about.

review fap titans



Fap Titans

Gameplay & Features: Very simple, quite addictive at first but wears thin after a while 13/20
Graphics & Sound: Very basic but pretty good for what it is 14/20
Price & Value: Free to play but a ‘freemium’ model so you have to pay to advance. Quite expensive. 8/20
Updates & Exclusivity: An exclusive game and all updates carried out online. Pretty basic so not much to it. 12/20
Bonus Scores: Nothing to write home about on this one, we’ve given it a medium score for effort. 8/20

Overall: 55%

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