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Fake Hub: Review | Natural Porn Thrillers
fake hub porn site review hd hardcore sex

Fake Hub: Review

Fake Agents Use Their Positions in High Public Sectors to Seduce Others for Sex

Fake Hub is a central epicenter for the ultimate trickery and seduction of hardcore sex. Fake cops, taxi-drivers, hospitals, and fake female agents use falsified credentials to gain the trust of unsuspecting victims and lure them into hardcore sexual acts..

Fake Hub: Review

Fake Hub is a premium website for the best fake sex reality scenarios on the internet. Brought to you by DP Production Company, a giant mega-producer for exclusive and hardcore porn. This is a site where you can go to indulge in your fantasies of people getting duped into sex by false representatives of established businesses. Girls get into fake taxi’s and get offered free rides for a ride of another sort. Watch a fake cop pull over hot females and get blowjobs for pretending to rip up fake speeding tickets and so much more.

fake taxi review

The homepage consists of a user-friendly toolbar with a good search engine. It features the newest porn videos and relative information about the site. There is 2,766 Fake Hub porn HD videos on this site with an average run time of 25 minutes each. The videos are streaming, date stamped with the member views, likes, and a brief description of the casting story. Go see the “Girls” tab and lock your eyes onto 1,357 of the hottest models involved fake casting scenarios, then go on over to the “Store” tab for great “Fake Hub” apparel and accessories.

fake hub porn review

There are 7 niche sites included with Fake Hub Originals for a total of 8 premium websites providing the best hardcore reality videos for fake sex and exclusive content. Available format: MP4 / 1920×1080 / 6200K / Streaming HD.

  • Fake Taxi: (520 scenes) Cruise around the city of London and the back roads of Prague looking for hot girls to pick up and get some ass for free cause no-one rides in this Fake Taxi for free.
  • Fake Hub Originals: (42 scenes) Full of hot busty women engaged in naughty behavior making this role-playing site the place to be.
  • Public Agent: (538 scenes) Public agents hit the European streets in search of the next top porn-star with the promise of a contract, at least that’s what the girls think?
  • Fake Agent: (567 scenes) The girls go to a fake casting business with hopes and dreams to be a paid porn-star. They’re willing to do whatever it takes for 15 minutes of fame.
  • Female Agent: (406 scenes) The tables get turned around with females running a fake casting couch and they take on all admissions for a wild ride of deception.
  • Fake Hospital: (329 scenes) The only institution where all female body parts are thoroughly examined with instruments of pleasure leaving the patients cumming back for more.
  • Fake Agent UK: (256 scenes) Where a fake agent runs a casting couch and gets calls all day of hopeful women looking for the easy money.
  • Fake Cop: (108 scenes) Sergeant Montgomery uses his smooth talking skills to seduce women that he pulls over and gets them to engage in full-blown sex escapades.

fake hub porn site review


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Cost of Joining Fake Hub

Fake Hub accepts all major credit cards and checks. There are four different paid membership plans. All transactions are secure & discreet to join and cancel at anytime. They also accept unused gift cards from 100+ vendors as acceptable payments for membership.

  •  $ 1.00 2-day trial / $1.00 per day / $39.99 recurring monthly unless you cancel
  • $29.99 1 month membership
  • $20.00 3 month membership / billed in one payment of $59.99
  • $ 9.17 1-year membership / billed in one payment of $109.99

fake hub join now

 Bonus Sites Included:

  • Female Fake Taxi
  • Fake Driving School

BONUS: Join today and get these 2 bonus sites at no extra charge. Not included with free trials.

Conclusion: Fake Hub

Fake Hub is a great site for casting and reality porn with beautiful women involved in role-playing scenarios. Added benefits include thousands of exclusive videos, unlimited downloads, 1000’s of models, access to live webcams, 24/7 customer support, and daily updates.

fake hub hd porn review

Are all the scenes believable? Not really but they sure are fun to watch with hours of reality entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat. There are no photo sets available, the search engine is basic but performs quite nicely with the interface on the site. If you like reality hardcore porn with professional studio recordings, then this is a site for you.



Fake Hub

Quantity 2766 videos plus photo sets 18/20
Quality: All very high quality, most in HD 20/20
Value: $29.99 per month with free trial options, pretty standard at less than a dollar a day 18/20
Bonuses: Couple of good niche bonus sites 15/20
Content: Exclusive content with niche focus and all extremely high quality 20/20

Overall: 91%

fake hub review

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