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Cruel Romance: Review | Natural Porn Thrillers
cruel romance review porn site

Cruel Romance: Review

The Best Classic Collection of Sexploitation Cinema of The 1960s For Erotic Tales of Submission and Dominance

Cruel Romance is is a classic porn site with a wide variety of erotic tales about sexual dominance and submission. It pays homage to the underground comix of the 1970’s, sexploitation cinema of the 1960’s, and softcore Japanese films.

cruel romance bdsm porn site review

Cruel Romance: Review

Cruel Romance is a journey back in time to place where women find themselves being tormented by insatiable desires and intimidated men fall at the feet of sexually dominant females. All of the movies are plot driven and a scripted stories of sexual submission and domination. The main moral of the movies are focused on the story itself and where many of the women find themselves confronted with their darkest and deepest desires and eventually she submits to her true nature, even if it means paying the ultimate price.

Some of the Stories Contained in This Series are About:

  • A naive librarian trying to appease brutal mobsters.
  • A trusting newlywed trying to get the approval of her new husband’s sexual dominant ex-girlfriend.
  • A dedicated Christian housewife trying to save the damned soul of a BDSM dominatrix.
  • A student and teacher challenge the authority of a brutal headmaster.
  • A devout daughter trying to save her father from a hot but devious grifter.
  • A sister attends sadistic sexual therapy to regain control of her life.
  • A female parolee submits to numerous types of humiliation in an effort to stay out of prison.

cruel romance classic bdsm porn

Cruel Romance is full of stories like these and it’s what makes this site a unique world to visit. It’s a world where obsession equals love, relationships are invigorated by a desperate intensity, and the content is best explained by making a suicide arrangement with the devil.

The site was launched in 2012 but is part of the Intersec Interactive Group which has been producing specialist bondage porn since 1997. Sexually Broken is a premium porn service which is part of the Kinkster network that includes:

Members can get access to an archive of over 750 movies, each being around 20-30 minutes long. All in all, that’s a total viewing time of over 300 hours of extreme bondage porn.

For our valued readers that don’t know what a sex exploitation film is? It can best be explained as a series of independently and most often low budget films that are typically associated with the 1960’s. They serve as a medium for the exhibition of gratuitous nudity and sexual situations. Soft-core porn got its origins from this era after the legalization of hardcore content made its debut. A lot of nudist films are now considered to be sub-genres for the sexual exploitation genre as well. Other associated genres include “Nudie-Cuties” and “Nudie” sex exploitation films.

classic bondage porn

The site uses widgets to display information about the different types of movies available. Each story has an average length of 40 minutes and contains 75 to 100 images of bondage and domination. The videos have been carefully remastered to give optimum picture quality while keeping the classic feel of the era. There’s a membership rating system where users have voted on a particular film. It shows up as a red heart in the lower right-hand corner of the widget and the ones with 50 votes or more, must be worth watching. You can add your vote to films that you think are worthy of a vote.

Some of the Types of Movies You Can Get for Joining Include:

  • Strap on sex
  • Shackles
  • Nipple clamps
  • Lesbian bondage stories
  • Interracial domination
  • Dominate females
  • Ass paddling
  • Bondage lesbian movies
  • Corporal punishment
  • Big ass
  • Ebony kinky

vintage bdsm porn


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Cost of Cruel Romance

Cruel Romance is 100% secure, safe, and private to join with 3 different payment options.

  • $29.95 a month which is recurring
  • $59.95 for 3 months which is recurring a month
  • $99.95 for 6 months which is non-recurring

Please note: all multiple monthly memberships are discreetly billed in one payment and trial memberships automatically re-bill at $65.00 a month unless you cancel your membership.

They accept all major credit cards and use 128-bit encrypted discreet billing (Intersec Interactive, Inc.) to keep your business yours.

Conclusion: Cruel Romance

This site is like opening up Pandora’s Box into the unknown for extreme bondage and dominance. The classic porn of this era is very hard to find anywhere else on the internet. The quality of the stories are legitimate and erotic. They offer a glimpse into our past history for a time when domination and bondage were considered to be taboo. You can look for other classic sexploitation films, however, you’ll never find the authenticity of these cinematic films.

As a paid member your benefits will include the very latest releases and the most exclusive content on the internet. You get access to interactive forums, streaming and downloadable content that you can keep, excellent customer service, instant access to the site, and the privilege of seeing the most extreme BDSM models for this era. If you love classic bondage and extreme domination, this is a site that is well worth the money. Join now.



Cruel Romance

Quantity Over 750 movies 14/20
Quality: Lots of HD content, high quality  16/20
Value: $29.95 per month, less than $1 per day 19/20
Bonuses: Access to 9 other sites 12/20
Content: Exclusive and high quality porn 18/20

Overall: 79%

vintage bondage porn

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